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Training & Placement

Logiczapedu.org primarily focusing on cost-effective, specialized, and customized training on cutting-edge technologies like Electric Vehicle Technologies, Automotive Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, Bigdata Analytics, Internet of Things, Computer Vision, Robotics, and Renewable energy resources. We also offer Placement assistance via  referral interview system.

Product Development 

We provide complete product development support which includes PCB designing, software development, 3D designing, packaging solutions. A complete end-to-end solution in IT, Automobile, Medical, Electric vehicle charging infra, BMS, Agro, etc. Basically we want to create an ecosystem for startups to develop their products and market them easily with help of Investors. 

Research Assistance 

With the help of our esteemed members, who have a stronghold in publishing papers, patents, expertise in product development line and industrial scenario, we extend our full support and guidance to our students. We help them in writing drafting as well as make them familiar with the industrial scenario. 

Lab Setup 

With an extensive hold in the training line, we also extending our support to institutions in setting up modern labs in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, and Electric Vehicle domain. A complete lab infrastructure is handed over to the institution with manuals and Trainers. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

In a race of creating new startups, we provide an ecosystem to newborn startups to work on their ideas, flourish with a shaped product, manufacture and market them successfully into the competitive world. We also have enthusiastic investors, looking forward to invest in creative ideas. Association with industries is secret of product success. We support new-age technologies and young minds by referring their ideas and products in the industries.